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Welcome to our Keyshots Q & A Section.

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about how our service works.

Notice: 13 Dec 2017

Known Issues Update

1. When ordering a set of Magnets our system is allowing Class Photos to be imported into the template - Class Photos are NOT available in this format.

Class Photos are only available in Print-form in 2 sizes:


All orders for Class Photos placed in any other format or size other than shown above will be cancelled or changed by our production team and you will be notified by email.

2. During Peak times when processing an order - if your bank and our credit card company take too long to process a payment the system will hang - in this case you must click on the back page and process your payment again to solve the issue.

We apologise for these temporary inconveniences - our tech support team is working on fixing this issue as soon as possible.

Common Questions and Answers

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please email us at:schools.keyshots(@)

Please type the above email address into your browser.

Please remember to include the following information so our hard working support team can get back to you more efficiently:

1. Your Name
2. Your Child’s Name
3. School Name
4. Class or Grade
5. Contact Cell Phone Number (optional).


Q1: When can I see photos taken of my Child/ren?

A1: Photos will be available for viewing usually within 2 weeks after they are taken at your School.

Keyshots will send out Home Note Proof Flyers to let you know when photos will be ready for viewing.

Once you receive your Home Note Proof Flyer be sure to Register your account with your specific Photo-Code.

Please also visit our School Schedule Information page for information on your School.

Please refrain from emailing Keyshots to ask when photos will be ready - this slows down our production times as our staff have to take extra time out to send individual replies. 

Q2: When will I receive my Photo-Code?

A2: Usually Photo-Codes will be sent home by PDF Home Note Flyer. Home Note Flyer’s are Child Specific and will be distributed by your Child’s Homeroom Teacher or Seminar Teacher. Usual timeline for delivery is 2 WEEKS after your School is Photographed.

Keyshots will let your School know when Home Notes will be sent home - your School will usually post an announcement on your School Facebook or internal notice board system.

Q3: Other Students have received Login-codes but I haven’t. Why?

A3: Photo-codes are made based on the Student Lists provided to Keyshots by your School. If your Child is a new Student they may not have been on our list. Simply email our Office and we can issue a code manually.

Don’t worry we will still be able to Photograph your child - we can easily add New Students to our system manually.

Q4: My Child lost/damaged or misplaced their Photo-code Home Note - can I get a new one?

A4: If your Child for some reason did not bring home their Home Note flyer - Master Login Code Lists are distributed to your PTO - please contact your School PTO to receive your code again. Codes do not expire.

If you wish to have a new code issued - please contact Keyshots by email with your Full Name, Child’s Name, School Name and Child’s Grade.

Q5: Why do I have to create an account with Keyshots School Photography Services?

A5: A personal account is needed to place an order. The account is free and there is no obligation for you to purchase. Your account is private and the password is set by you.

  • You can control who has access to your photos at any time.
  • Change your Password at anytime.
  • You can save photos of all your children to the same account & order all at once.
  • Photos do not expire - you may re-order at anytime.
  • Add new images to your account each time your child/ren are photographed by Keyshots.

Q6: How long until I receive my Photos/Products?

A6: Depending on what you order - average production & shipping from our Tokyo Studio to Military Addresses in Japan will be on average 15 business days - orders for prints may arrive faster than orders that contain photo products.

Packages can however take anywhere from 7 days to 4 weeks to arrive at Military Addresses. Keyshots uses Japan Post (3rd Party delivery service) to deliver your Package. Japan Post then deliver to the on-base Military Post Office. Your package is then processed manually which means turnaround times are not exact and delays due to shipping schedules are beyond our control.

Be sure to supply your Complete and Correct Shipping Information to ensure that your order arrives safely and is not delayed due to insufficient information.

All Packages that are returned to our office as UNDELIVERABLE due to incorrect or incomplete addresses will be charged a $5 re-delivery fee to re-ship - please be sure to supply us with your Complete and Correct information.

PCS'ing Customers - if you are moving outside of Japan - must must inform our office with your new address. Simply leaving a forwarding address with the Military Post Office on-base will not be sufficient as your package must be sent via the International Post System which requires Customers Paperwork - in all cases your package will be rejected and returned to our Japan Office and a $5 re-shipping and processing fee will apply.

New! Your Keyshots Tracking Number is now your Order Number.

Q7: My Photos were damaged in the mail - what should I do?

A7: Please send us an email with your order information along with a Proof of Damage photo attachment showing the damage. Our Customer Service Team will file your report and will approve the replacement of your order within 72 hours. Your replacement order may take up to 28 days to be resent depending on your regional location.

Q8: I’ve changed my mind and don’t want my photos anymore - can I get a refund?

A8: does not offer Refunds - please choose your photos carefully. All sales are final. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read carefully our Terms and Conditions before placing any orders.

Placing orders on this website from Keyshots is optional - if you choose to place an order you are therefore giving us your consent that you agree with our Terms and Conditions.

Q9: If I order Digital Images - how soon can I get them?

A9: Once Digital Images are purchased and paid for in your shopping cart they will become available for instant download within your Account.

Q10: Can I pre-order any products or shop before my photos are ready for viewing?

A10: At this stage you can only place orders after photos have been posted online. We are always striving to improve our range of services - in the near future we will be looking to add more features to our line-up.

Q11: Can I order a Class Photo only?

A10: You can certainly order a Class Photo (Group Photo) without any individual prints. To do so simply click on the ORDER GROUP PICTURES (3rd menu tab on the left near your photos) - you will see 2 print size options:

1. 5x7''
2. 8x10''

• Class Photos are ONLY available in the above 2 sizes and are not included in any Package Orders.
• Discounts are also not available on Class Photos.
• Class Photos are not available in Digital Download Format. K.K
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